Past Editions

Pisa 2023

An International Meeting outside the lines with a participation that had never been seen in any previous edition! More than 100 motorbikes plied the roads of Tuscany with unforgettable routes and weather that gave us 2 days of summer temperatures and clear skies.

Vigo 2022

Finally, after a suspension due to the pandemic, the tradition of the International Meeting has been fully restored with a stop in Vigo, Spain, for the 10th edition!

Pisa (Italy) | 7-9 October 2023
Vigo (Spain) | 7-9 October 2022

Caramulo 2019

This was a fantastic edition of the classic International Meeting held in Caramulo in Portugal. More than 100 motorbikes in a beautiful setting and an event that increasingly strengthens the friendship between us, our Portuguese friends and our Spanish friends.

Madonna di Campiglio 2018

And the tradition of the International Meeting continues with the Portuguese, Swiss and Spanish visiting Italy this year. Organized in Madonna di Campiglio it saw massive participation. The weather assisted us wonderfully and the Chalet Fiat at altitude magically crowned the Saturday dinner.

Caramulo (Portugal) | 27-29 September 2019
Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) | 28-30 September 2018

Panticosa 2017

Spanish turn for the VII International Meeting which was held in Panticosa, Spain, in the Ordesa National Park. Two days of approach spent traveling along amazing roads, and with very favorable weather which, unfortunately, did not accompany us only on the day of the meeting.

Luso 2016

This VI International Meeting was organized by the friends of CKLT in Luso in Portugal and was, as we expected, a great success of participation with crews from Spain, Portugal and Italy. See you at the next International Meeting!

Panticosa (Spain) | 28-30 September 2017
Luso (Portugal) | 16-18 September 2016

Bergamo 2015

Great success for the V International Meeting which had Bergamo as its base and saw us roaming around Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. More than 80 motorbikes and more than 140 people including Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Swiss and French created a snake a couple of kilometers long along these beautiful roads!

Girona 2014

120 motorbikes between K1200LT and K1600 around the Costa Brava in Spain. A legendary event in collaboration with the Spanish and Portuguese groups and with a truly peculiar and perfect organization.

Bergamo (Italy) | 18-20 September 2015
Girona (Spain) | 3-5 October 2014

Turin 2013

Event beyond all expectations together with a very large group of Spanish friends in Turin. Third episode in the history of the International Meetings that are repeated every year.

Barcelona 2012

A meeting with our Spanish friends in Barcelona on the occasion of the second International Meeting. Hospitality and organization at the top!

Torino (Italy) | 20-22 September 2013
Barcelona (Spain) | 12-14 October 2012

Savona 2011

A meeting in Liguria with the Spanish friends of From here began the tradition of International Meetings which are held every year alternating between Italy and Spain.

Savona (Italy) | 8-10 July 2011

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